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Among the biggest concerns facing Americans today is how to go about finding affordable health insurance. More than 45 million Americans were uninsured in early 2009, according to the Congressional Budget Office. With the rising cost of rent, food, auto insurance and gas, insurance may not be a high priority. Unfortunately, individuals and families that deny the importance of health insurance often find themselves bankrupt when a catastrophic medical emergency occurs.

To get started, explore the subject the best fits your needs. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that you're going to have access to some of the most affordable health insurance plans on the market.

Types of Health Insurance Plans

The rise of consumer-driven health plans has opened up an entire selection of new plans - each specifically suited to various preferences. If you are looking for plan with the lowest possible premiums, you could explore our section on high-deductible health plans. If you seek a plan with the ultimate in flexibility and choice, you may wish to read about preferred provider organization plans, or even about point of service health insurance. In between are a number of other options, including health maintenance organizations, health savings accounts, and indemnity (or fee for service) plans. The choice is yours, but all plans can be affordable with the right research!

Special Health Insurance Needs

The new plans on the market enable people with various needs to select something specifically suited to their needs. If you're an hourly employee, you can take advantage of low-cost private health plans. If you're self employed, we have the right options for you. We can also help you shape a plan that fits the size of your household, whether you're an individual or family.

Leading Affordable Health Plan Carriers

Our resources include over 135 of the nation's leading health insurance carriers. From Blue Cross Blue Shield, to Humana, HealthSpring, and more, we can help you choose the company that best fits your needs. Take a look at our directory of health insurance companies here.

Find Low-Cost Health Insurance by State

Health insurance, like real estate, is all about location. Unfortunately, there is no single "national" health insurance plan. Instead, each state includes its own regulatory agency that determines how to regulate the states health insurance companies. What this means to you is that you must purchase health insurance from a carrier that operates within your own state borders. Lucky for you, we have all 50 states covered, in our directory listing of health insurance by state.

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