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Licensed and marketed as unique bodies in each state, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans exist under an umbrella organization referred to as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. This industry representative does not issue any policies on its own, but rather brings togeter the network of providers which offer coverage on a region-by-region basis.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield began as two distinction organizations, started and by and representing hospitals, clinic groups, and physicians across the country. In certain areas of the country these two organizations have become one, whereas in others they remain separate. Whether apart or together, the Blue plans represent a brand with worldwide recognition for quality customer care, outstanding service, and one of the widest-ranging coverage networks available.

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Below is a guide to our summary pages on a number of the BCBS Plans available. This list does not represent every BCBS broker, nor does it suggest any affiliation with the carriers listed below. Plans and quotes may not be available in every state.

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