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The non-profit company CareSource is part of the CareSource Management Group, One of the fastest growing Medicaid managed care groups in the U.S.. CareSource, a provider of managed health care for Medicaid members in Ohio since 1989, offers a full line of administrative services in order to bring public health care to more than 430,000 individuals in the state.

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From the simple beginnings of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, which was founded by a $500,000 grant, the organization has also become a leader in publishing and research concerning the managed care industry. Their focus is on quality communications as well as aging services. Consequently, their newsletters, books, pamphlets, videos, DVDs, web sites, and other communication products are used nationally by caring providers who offer medical care to Medicaid and Medicare patients.

In Ohio, CareSource focuses on its goal of bringing innovation to the administration of their programs for the public sector and to improve the lives of their clients through better healthcare.

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CareSource Coverage

One Dayton Centre
One South main Street
Dayton, OH 45402

Some of the features of the CareSource in Ohio are as follows:

  • Services for the blind or disabled of any age
  • Prenatal care for eligible mothers
  • Available for families and children up to the age of 19, who are eligible for Medicaid
  • Ohio citizens over the age of 65 who are eligible for Medicare
  • A large listing of doctors and dentists from which to choose
  • Adult chiropractic care
  • Private outpatient psychology services for adults
  • No copays
  • 24-hour nurse hotline

CareSource continues to provide the exceptional quality in managed healthcare for its members, including many special needs groups.

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