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The number of uninsured Americans is increasing – up to 47 million in 2008. Many cite the rising costs of insurance premiums as a reason they don’t have insurance. Health insurance may seem expensive, but without it, many people cannot afford their medical costs. About half of all the bankruptcy filings in the U.S. result from medical expenses, according to Health Affairs Journal 2005.

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Even if you’re healthy and don’t go to the doctor often, a sudden illness or accident can be devastating and may lead to skyrocketing medical costs that you can avoid with a basic medical plan.

If you do use preventive health services often, an HMO or PPO may save you money in the cost of doctors’ visits, prescriptions, and supplies, even if the monthly premium seems high. If you don’t, you may just need a catastrophic plan such as a high-deductible plan, self-directed plan, with a Health Savings Account.

Comparing Health Insurance Companies

In order to choose the best company and plan, be sure to get a few different quotes and compare the plans. Tell your insurance agent which of the following services and concerns are important to you, in order for them to find you the most affordable plan:

  • How many doctor’s visits are allowed per year, and how much are co-pays?
  • What is the plan’s deductible, if any?
  • What prescription coverage is available?
  • Are your regular medications on the list of generic or formulary drugs covered in the plan?
  • Are your doctors or hospitals covered by the plan?
  • What other services like lab fees or immunizations are covered?
  • What does it cost for an ambulance, in-patient, or out-patient care?

Rating the Insurance Companies

One you know what you need in terms of health insurance, start comparing and evaluating companies using the following checklist.

  1. Make sure the company is accredited with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)  and compare their quality scores.
  2. Find a report measuring how well the companies perform in your state and the rate of complaints in your area.
  3. Use ratings from S&P, Moody's, A.M. BEST, or other ratings organizations to see whether the companies are financially secure enough to fulfill their financial obligations. Ratings range from AAA (strongest) to DDD (weakest). Ratings of BBB+ or higher are considered secure, while anything rated CC and below means that the company may have failed to make payments.


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