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The Passport Health Plan is a managed-care health plan that attends to the medical needs of over 140,000 Kentucky Medicaid and KCHIP patients. Founded in 1997, Passport Health Plan is the advertised, public name of University Health Care, Inc. Plan providers include the University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital, Norton Healthcare, and the Louisville-Jefferson County Primary Care Association.

The AmeriHealth Mercy managed care organization, a ministry of the Philadelphia-based Sisters of Mercy of Merion, has administered the Passport Health Plan for over twenty years. Their goals are to provide compassionate service, while treating each patient with dignity and respect. To these ends, they strive to use all resources wisely in order to provide quality health care and to improve the health of their patients.

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Passport Health Plan Coverage

Passport Health Plan
305 West Broadway, 3rd Floor
Louisville, KY 40202

Some of the features of the Passport Health Plan is as follows:

  • Choice of a primary care physician from a large list of qualified providers.
  • Primary care physician coordinates referrals to specialists, hospitals, and other services
  • Promote use of the emergency room as a place for emergencies only. The primary care physician coordinates all preventive care and day-to-day medical care from his office. Treating patients in the office setting reduces overall costs and frees the emergency room facilities for true health emergencies
  • Prescription drug program
  • Case-management for the severely ill, including cancer and HIV patients
  • Special programs for Plan B Medicare

Passport Health Plan prides itself on its exceptional provider network and excellent member services. In order to promote wellness, the group offers education about diabetes, asthma, pregnancy, and preventive care for the entire family.

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