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Alabama knows about tough times. In 1994-95, over 700,000 residents lived with an income equal to or lower than the Federal Poverty Limit (FPL). Many more occupied a position of income stability, but little more than that. When you are living at these income levels, the cost of medical care is very expensive.

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Health Insurance in Alabama

State insurance regulations for Alabama are slowly adapting to the needs of these populations, but there are still many things to consider for those in need of individual or family insurance:

  • Access to individual health insurance can depend on health status.
  • Health insurance carriers do not have to offer a standardized policy.
  • Insurance carriers can add an elimination rider onto any policy, and pre-existing clauses are allowed.
  • Carriers in Alabama don't have to give consumers credit for prior coverage.

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Families with lower incomes can find health insurance opportunities through the Public Health Department. Medicaid offers limited coverage to those living under the poverty limit, while ALL Kids, Alabama's S-CHIP offering, provides children of limited income families comprehensive medical coverage for a small yearly fee. Parents pay premiums/co-pays based on their incomes. Other health insurance options include a federal income tax credit for unemployed workers and the popular WIC program.

For those whose income puts them out of reach of state aid, there are still many health insurance options, including the following:

  • Health insurance through associations: Whether you're in a teachers union, farm workers organization or hobby group, you can get individual coverage at group prices.
  • Non-Profit Resource Center of Alabama: offers HMO and PPO insurance. 
  • Alabama Health Insurance Plan: For those who have exhausted coverage through a previous employer and do not have other coverage available.
  • Discount plans and individual options: Some companies offer medical discount plans for a monthly cost.

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