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The state of Arkansas is facing a significant lack of health insurance availability. In fact, 17% of the state's population is uninsured. Fortunately, rules and costs that are otherwise keeping residents from finding quality health care are beginning to alter, which is beginning to open doors for those who are in need of health insurance.

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Health Insurance in Arkansas

For those who require individual or family insurance in this state, below are the current insurance regulations for Arkansas:

  • Access to individual health insurance can depend on health status.  
  • Consumers are not guaranteed the right to move between individual policies.
  • Insurance carriers can add an elimination rider onto any policy, and pre-existing conditions are in effect.
  • If pre-existing conditions are not addressed at the formation of the policy, they can only exclude a condition for twelve months, as opposed to the state's typical five-year allowance.

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Health insurance opportunities for limited income families are available through the Public Health Department. Medicaid (ARKids A) offers comprehensive coverage to those living under the poverty limit, while ARKids B, Arkansas' S-CHIP offering, provides comprehensive medical coverage to children of whose families make lower incomes.

For those whose income puts them out of reach of state aid, there are still many health insurance options, including the following:

  • Health insurance through associations: Whether you're in a teachers union, farm workers organization or hobby group, you can get individual coverage at group prices.
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (CHIP): This plan is meant for Arkansas residents who cannot get health insurance coverage elsewhere due to a physical condition.
  • Discount plans and individual options: Some companies offer medical discount plans for a small monthly fee.

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