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Indiana is making great strides to insure its residents, including children and indigent adults. Like other states, it has implemented a new S-CHIP program to assist families in keeping their children healthy. Still, only 65% of poor children in the state are currently covered by Medicaid. Adults throughout the state are in the same boat, but with less benefits. It has become costly and nearly impossible provide residents of the state with quality insurance. 

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Health Insurance in Indiana

Things you may want to keep in mind if you're in search of a health insurance coverage policy in Indiana include the following regulations:

  • Access to individual health insurance can be denied due to health status.
  • Pre-existing condition exclusions can extend up to twelve months before a policy is put into effect. 
  • You can get credit for prior insurance coverage when dealing with pre-existing conditions, but only if you had group insurance coverage.

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Low-income families will find health insurance opportunities through Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration. Medicaid offers coverage to those living under the poverty limit, while Hoosier Healthwise, the state's low-income insurance for children, covers uninsured children as well as low-income adults with a family. Higher income people may have to pay a low premium for coverage. Other governmentally-funded programs include the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.

While many will qualify for state or federal assistance, there are many families who just barely make too much to be covered. There are still options available for these families, including:

  • Medical discount plans: These private health insurance plans offer consumers up to 40% off medical costs, including office visits, immunizations and hospitalization. The cost begins at $19.95/month per person.
  • Association medical plans: For those who are involved in an association or club, insurers will often allow members to sign up together for group insurance coverage at a cheaper rate than each member could get individually.
  • Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ICHIA): This program is for individuals whose health status excludes them from qualifying for a standard health insurance policy.

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