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The high costs of individual healthcare policies are forcing many Maryland residents to make a choice between dropping an expensive policy to save money on premiums and risking a financial crisis in the event of having to deal with a catastrophic illness.  Some people react to this by reducing their coverage to cover only major medical expenses.  Others continue to hold their individual policies as is.  Regardless of which path you have chosen, it is important to know what your individual healthcare policy rights are and if Maryland can assist you with health insurance.

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Facts About MD Health Insurance

Individual policy regulations in Maryland include the following details:
  • Insurance companies in Maryland are not required to issue you an individual policy
  • Dependent grandchildren may be included in your coverage. 
  • HMOs cannot exclude pre-existing conditions from coverage. 
  • Other plans may be able to permanently exclude a pre-existing condition.

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Children's Medical Services Program offers children and young adults from newborn to age twenty-one coverage for services such as hospitalization, medications, therapies, and lab work.  In order to qualify, the child or young adult must have a chronic disease or disability.  In addition, the child or young adult must not be covered by an insurance policy or the child or young adult's existing health care coverage must not meet all of his or her needs.  A family must meet certain income requirements in order to use this program.

Maryland Children's Health Insurance Program is offered to children up to 19 years old and pregnant women from qualified low income families.  Children's coverage includes visits to doctors, dental care, prescription medications, and hospital care.  Coverage for pregnant women includes prenatal doctor visits, post-partum doctor visits, general doctor's visits, dental care, hospital delivery, and prescription drugs.

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