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If you live in Oregon and are not covered by a group health insurance plan, individual health insurance may be the only way for you to protect the well being of your family as well as your financial stability.  Many people who have tried to get individual healthcare policies say that it can be difficult to get individual coverage. What must individual insurance policies cover in your state and what kind of assistance can Oregon provide you in getting coverage?

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Health Insurance in Oregon

Oregon Individual Health Insurance Policy Requirements include:

  • Insurance companies are not required to give all applicants coverage.
  • Insurance policies are required to include some services, including mammograms.
  • Pre-existing conditions, or conditions that existed six month before you purchased your coverage, may be excluded from coverage for up to two years.
  • Instead of issuing a policy excluding pre-existing conditions, an insurance company may put you on a 90 waiting period before granting you coverage.

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OR Assistance Programs for Health Insurance

  • Oregon Medical Insurance Pool provides individual insurance policies to people who have been rejected by insurance companies.  There are four plans from which to choose offering different deductibles.  Pre-existing conditions may be excluded for six months.  Coverage includes maternity, hospital, and doctor visits.
  • Family Health Insurance Assistance Program assists families and individuals with qualifying incomes and assets to get healthcare coverage. Oregon Health Plan offers families and individuals the opportunity to have healthcare insurance. Each benefit package is based on the age, the health condition of the person or persons applying, and the income level of the individual or family. If a family qualifies, any children will be enrolled in State Children's Health Insurance Program.

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