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The rising costs of healthcare are on the minds on many today.  For those who are not covered by group plans, getting individual healthcare coverage can be a difficult proposition.  For one thing, insurance premiums can be expensive.  And, depending on the condition of your health and the health of the members of your family, it may be difficult to even get coverage.  However, good healthcare insurance can provide peace of mind that replaces that feeling of general unease that you have when you are not covered by health insurance.  What does your state require individual health insurance to cover and does your state offer any assistance in getting healthcare coverage?

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South Carolina Health Insurance

South Carolina's Individual Insurance Policy Regulations

  • Insurance companies are generally not required to issue individual policies to every applicant.
  • Children who are disabled may be able to continue coverage under their parents' policy after the children become of age legally if the children are unable to support themselves.
  • Individual HMO plans can exclude a pre-existing condition, or a condition which occurred within a year of enrollment, for twelve months.
  • Other insurance programs may be able to exclude pre-existing conditions permanently.
  • Insurance companies cannot cancel an individual policy simply because you are ill.

South Carolina State Insurance Assistance

  • South Carolina Health Insurance Pool is available to those who have been turned down for individual health insurance policies.
  • Partners for Healthy Children offers insurance for children under the age of 19 years old who come from qualifying low income families

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